How can coaching help me?

Some things clients have said about my coaching ...

Jane, London - Founder & CEO BluePatch (leading, UK social enterprise​)

'You create the space for me to let go of the surface stress and unblock the creative solution. How to fly about life's complex tangles to overcome some enormous barriers that have been holding back my business. You have helped me so much - truly transformative coaching!'

Sarah, London - Director, Digital Media and Creative Industries

'I liked being challenged and asked to visualise different outcomes. [Alex's} style is both comforting and enthusiastic, pushing the thinking and subsequent actions of the client. Many of the sessions connected me to emotions and thoughts I hadn’t engaged with for some time, and that was powerful... to understand those things that have accumulated to make me who I am and to carry them as part of my arsenal, rather than as a burden or heavy weight.'

Anna, London - CEO and Founder Hello Social

'I went to Alex really stuck on a work issue and not knowing how to move forward, almost not wanting to face moving forward. In just one session, Alex set me a challenge which I would never have set myself. Within a couple of days this had paid off, I saw the results and that has really inspired me to proactively grow my business. Alex was totally focussed on me during the session, thoughtful, helpful, insightful - helping me to see different perspectives. It was very much a 2 way process. I'd highly recommend Alex as a coach, whatever the issue or blocks you're facing, she really knows her stuff. '

Helena, Oxford - Strategy Consultant 

'Being coached by Alex has opened up new perspectives for me. She brings significant experience from the corporate world which enables her to ask powerful questions and elicit new ways of thinking about the issues I have been grappling with. I would highly recommend her.'

How can workshops help me?

Some things clients have said about my workshops and webinars ...

Open workshop participant

"Thank you for a wonderful course, taught with sensitivity and expertise. I would highly recommend Alex to those interested in learning more [on mental fitness] and for training."

Open workshop participant

"It's been wonderful ... so interesting, helpful, and joyfully and authentically delivered. It's definitely been food for thought and the toolkit really helpfully curated to apply in work and home scenarios."

Corporate workshop programme (senior stakeholder)

"Thanks so much Alex, I’ve had some great feedback for the training, and I personally have really gained a lot. Thanks for being a great host and presenter."